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Building You Audience - YouTube

A great way to build your audience is by making short YouTube videos where you share helpful tips or show how to do something.

These videos can be simple and low production; they just have to offer value to viewers.

During the video, tell people where else they can connect with you and let them know what you have to offer. Explain the benefits of following you and call them to action.

If you’re new to video production, this idea might turn you off. But videos can be extremely simple.

A video could just show you talking and explaining how to do something. If you’re camera-shy, you could enlist an employee or friend to star in your production.

Videos can be short as well. YouTube viewers tend to like short videos, and shorter ones allow you to make more and thus tackle more topics with the time you spend on them.

So, what do you cover in your videos? Here are some ways to get ideas.

Answer Customer Questions. Take common questions people ask you and simply answer them in front of a camera.

Check Out the Competition. See what other people in your niche are making videos about. Can you offer your own unique opinion on the same topic?

Response Videos. Make videos responding to content or other people’s videos.

Introduce Yourself. Create a video that introduces you and your business. Tell your personal story of how you got into this.

Vlog. Create a vlog, or video blog, where you check in regularly with your audience to offer opinions, helpful tips, news, and entertainment.

Make Video Reviews. Review products related to your niche.

Videos are especially good for building an audience because they’re popular and engaging.

Keep in mind that the goal is to help your audience and get them to check out what else you have to offer.

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