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Building Your Audience - Grow Audience

Before you can start building an audience online, you need to make sure that your product uniquely meets their needs.

Take a look at your product and clarify who it helps and what it helps them do.

Once you’re clear on this, you’ll know who your potential audience is and how to talk to them about what you offer. You’ll also be able to better connect your offer to people’s needs.

So, what does your product do exactly?

Does it help people break free from their corporate jobs? Does it help them realize their dream of starting a business?

Will it help people increase their productivity, or save time or money?

After using your product, will people be healthier and more satisfied? If so, how exactly?

Does your product help people overcome obstacles they face in achieving a higher income or more freedom in their lives? Does it improve personal relationships or make them more effective?

Once you’ve clarified exactly how your product helps people, it’s much easier to understand who can benefit from using it.

Your product isn’t designed to please everyone. You’ll waste time and effort if you try to attract those who ultimately won’t benefit from your offer.

Identifying your product’s unique value is a crucial part of building your target market profile. Using this, you can grow not only a large audience, but the right audience that’s a perfect fit for your offers.

Think in terms of the benefits your product provides and communicate about it in these terms. This will attract those people who need it most, and will start to build an engaged audience.

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Building Your Audience - Grow Audience


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