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Building You Audience - Social Media Comments

As you grow your audience, you’ll start to see increasing comments on your social media posts.

If you respond to comments well, you’ll build lifelong relationships with your followers. Are you following these best practices?

Timing is essential, so check in everyday and reply to all comments as a priority in your social media tasks.

If you’re overwhelmed with comments and there are too many to reply to, hire a social media manager. In the meantime, assess which warrant a reply and reply to those first.

People will often leave a compliment, saying something like, “This is really helpful.” No matter how short or simple, you should always reply.

For generic compliments, just say “Thank you,” or “I’m glad you liked it.” If they mention something specific about your content, you might mention this as well.

When you get questions, answer them to the best of your ability. You can answer in the comment and/or direct the person to a blog post or video where you offer more detailed information.

When people comment leaving you feedback, always express gratitude, saying something like, “Thanks! I didn’t think of that.”

If the feedback is negative, swing into customer service mode. Make sure you clearly understand what they’re saying and seek a way to make them satisfied.

Don’t just write for the original commenter but also for everyone else who will see the exchange.

If you’re new to the social media sites you’re using, get acquainted with how replying and things like @ mentions work. Look at how other people respond and act accordingly.

Your primary aim should be to build rapport, so be personable, approachable, fun, and casual.

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