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Welcome To My Success Journey Resource Page

I am the visionary behind Diane N. Tucker, Inc., Divine Light Capital, Inc. DMMSI, Inc, and the Impact Innovation Foundation. As a global innovator and a renowned business consultant with a passion for empowering others, my goal is to help others reach their version of SUCCESS!

I have created this page to provide you with tools and resources from my above companies to assist you in to reaching your version of success.

Success Journey Resources

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I want to pass along what others have planted in me. Since high school, on into college, and now into my season career I have been blessed with those who took me under their wings. They mentored me and freely gave of their time to help shape and mold me. 


Today despite having to go on permanent disability after brain surgery, I am the CEO of 4 of my own companies and COO of 3 other corporations. I am starting a podcast to help and support others.


If you are someone who would like to receive some support, guidance, and encouragement from someone who has to truly overcome obstacles to get where they are today, I’d love to freely share some time with you on my podcast to learn about you, your goals, your obstacles and let you know you are not along in your journey.

Space Is LIMITED! Sign Up Now.

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