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Building You Audience - Your Audience Likes

To effectively build an audience, you need to understand what your audience members like so you can give it to them.

If you consistently deliver the value and quality your audience expects from you, you’ll grow a highly engaged following that will attract new members easily.

Here are some easy ways to discover your audience’s tastes.

Look at how they react to your content. Go back over your analytics and see which pieces of content performed best. Also look at which pieces received the most comments, shares, and other forms of engagement.

Create different types of content to share and see how they perform. Try out different topics and mix up formats, offering infographics, videos, audio content, and other media.

See who else your audience follows and how they interact with their content. What do these other content creators offer that’s different from what you’re offering?

Check out your audience members’ conversations on social media. See what topics they’re discussing, questions they’re asking, or problems they’re facing.

Look at your audience members’ profiles on social media. Social media offers a wealth of information on users’ tastes and preferences.

Find reviews. You can look for reviews written by your audience members, or reviews of similar products and content to yours that share the same target audience.

Run surveys. Most social media platforms offer survey features where you can ask your followers directly what they like and don’t like.

Ask them directly. Ask your audience about their tastes or reach out to individual influencers. This also offers an excellent opportunity for personal interaction.

Look for patterns and use this data as a way to plan your content and offerings. Success in building your audience is all about giving the people what they want.

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