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Building You Audience - Getting Interviewed

A great way to build your audience is to get interviewed as an expert in your niche.

The way this works is that another content creator interviews you and publishes the interview. Then, their audience learns about you and can check out what else you have to offer.

You can be interviewed in YouTube videos, audio podcasts, text articles, or blog posts.

Podcasts are an especially good choice as this media format is very popular now. People enjoy listening to their favorite shows while they’re working or on-the-go.

Through the interview, you can share valuable information that’s helpful for the audience. Then, you get to plug your own website or social media.

The key to success is to find content creators who share the same target market with you. If you appear before the wrong audience, they won’t be interested in what you have to say.

So, how do you get interviews?

Start by identifying places you can potentially get interviewed. Look at blogs in your niche, podcasts, and YouTube channels.

Don’t try for the biggest names in your niche. What’s more important than the audience’s size is that they are your target market and are likely to start following you.

Plus, it’s a good strategy to build up your portfolio with smaller interviews first. Then, you can start scaling up and targeting bigger ones.

Once you have a few leads, create a pitch. Choose a few topics you know well that would be helpful for their audience.

It’s a good idea to approach people with three topics which they can then choose from. Start reaching out to content creators with your idea and explain how it will help them make great content.

Prepare well for your interviews so that you show yourself in your best light, as this will be their audience’s first impression of you.

It takes time to schedule and plan for interviews, so make it a regular part of your schedule, and you’ll see your audience grow.

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